SAA Certification

SAA Certification

SAA Certification
Standards Australia International Limited is Australia's only accreditation body standards.
Whether imported or locally assembled in the Australian electrical products, to enter the Australian market in pre-market, first of all, through the Australian Agency for International Standard certification. Electrical products to do different products in different quality certification.
All electrical appliances have to do secure authentication (SAA). Tests on electrical appliances through destructive testing, inspection of the safety and reliability of electrical appliances, such as in high-temperature circumstances, the use of continuous overload electrical appliances, electrical safety inspections. Appearance of the washing machine to leak test to check leakage. Electrical socket on the non-normal use to see if there are hidden dangers and so on.
To enter the Australian market of electrical products shall comply with local safety regulations, that is, the industry certification are often faced with the SAA. Australia and New Zealand as a result of the mutual recognition agreement between the two countries, all certified products made in Australia, New Zealand can successfully enter the market.
Sign SAA mainly two types of forms of recognition, a standard sign. The form of certification is only for the sample, and the standard signs are required to review each plant. At present, SAA certification applications in two ways, one is transferred through the CB test report, if there is no CB test reports, you can also apply directly.

Application Process
1.completing the application form
2.the product samples tested
3.issued the report
4.issue a certificate

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