SASO Certification

SASO Certification

SASO Certification
The nations match *** attestation plan( ICCP) is from Saudi Arabia of standard organization( SASO) lead off the performance since 1995 a carry on include to match *** to assess to the provisions product, the shipment checked the goods and attestation before of comprehensive plan, with a luck of merchandise front that the assurance import can match the sand completely especially of product standard.But since March 17 in 2003, the industry management bureau( PAI) that is Kuwait has already come into force the plan of ICCP, the home appliances, the stereo set product of the big part and illuminate the products all within the scope of ICCP of, moreover, the also starts carry out the plan of ICCP from May 31 in 2003.

Products range:
1. Air-conditioning, refrigeration equipment, heating equipment
2. Battery
3. Cosmetics
4. Toys
5. Compressors and fans
6. Household electrical and electronic equipment
7. Domestic pressure cooker
8. Wire and Cable
9. Fax
10. Home switches and circuit breakers
11. Lamps and lighting equipment
12. Elevators and lifting system
13. Engine
14. Office electrical and electronic equipment
15. PC

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