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MSDS, short for Matter Safety Datasheet, is a much detailed safety data specification for hazardous materials, including physicochemical parameters, hazard features, toxicity parameter, access limitation, health and environmental hazards, safe transportation, storage, and cautions for use, release emergency handling, emergency measures and info about regulations. The main role is to make users understand the relevant hazard of dangerous substances, and initiative take preventive action in the process of transportation, storage, using and handling in order to reduce occupational hazard, prevent accidents and reduce the adverse effect on environment.
European and American countries have strict regulations towards environment and occupational health. Customers would always ask MSDS from suppliers before purchasing chemicals in the international trade. As per the regulations, shall provide an MSDS which shall be in accordance with the countries regulations. In US, Canada and other European countries, some big and medium sized companies have hazard article management or occupational health or environmental scientific management which is responsible for examining the chemical MSDS offered by supplier. After examination, only qualified suppliers are able to talk to the purchasing department for business. MSDS is just like the identification card of chemicals, and having MSDS is convenient for management and registration and the users, transporters and manufacturers can prevent chemical hazard. 
We Lab has comprehensive chemicals information database with a great knowledge of various MSDS compilation requirements for many countries, aiming to compile various quality MSDS meeting the export standard for customers from different countries to make successful exports and products more competitive.

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